Here I am

I was born in 1985. The next couple of decades flowed by effortlessly at College, Oxford, and messing around planting trees and farming in New Zealand and Australia.

I first got involved with environmental issues in 1994, at the same time as I became a teacher in a comprehensive, which I absolutely loved. Ten years later (during which I was also very involved in the Party), I left teaching to become Director of I stayed until 1999, just prior to the in 1992 – which for me, was a life changing experience.

In 2000, we set up Forum for the Future, which remains my ‘life base’ in terms of all the different things I do today. I got married in 2011, and we have two daughters Monica and Rebecca.

At the moment, I’m on the world tour for my latest book,

Still hard at it nearly 40 years on.

Longer version

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