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Our Website has an extensive, highly targeted, reach within the Affiliate Marketing space. Our advertisers gain access to tens of thousands of highly active Affiliate Marketing/Performance Marketing professionals.

We are THE source for keeping up with the latest in Affiliate Marketing News and Information.

250,000+ Blog Posts Read Per Month
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85,000+ Affiliate Marketing News & Info Blog Posts
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Our offers advertisers a variety of ways to connect with our targeted audience without overloading our users with too many ads. This gives your ad and brand prime exposure without having to compete with a ton of other ads cluttering up the scenery.

Ad Pricing & Placements Available:
Main Page 1, Sponsored Posts (Only 5 Rotating Slots, $250 Per Month Per Slot)

This spot is popular with our Bloggers who really want to amp up their blogs exposure and readership. We are one of the largest traffic drivers for the top blogs in the industry. AffPosts generates over 150,000 blog post reads every month. Whether a new blogger on the rise or a seasoned blogger with a large following, this spot is perfect for expanding your blogs reach, user base and brand. It gives your blog posts prime real estate near the top of the Affposts Main Page, just underneath the search box and to the right of the “Most Recent Affiliate Marketing Posts”. Each new blog post you write for your blog will automatically be added to the top of your blog list in this section. Additionally, each new blog post will automatically be tweeted out to our large Twitter following.

Each of your posts will get exposure to thousands of our users each day and we guarantee you will see a large bump in the traffic to every new blog post you write. In fact, if we don’t become a top ten traffic driver for your blog within a month then we’ll give you a free month long listing in our “Sponsored Posts” section.

(Once you have purchased this slot, Contact Us Here and send the following; Blog Name, Blog URL, and Blog RSS Feed URL)

Main Page 2, 728×90 (Only 3 Rotating Slots, $250 Per Month Per Slot)

This is our front and center, Main Page, ad slot. Positioned above the fold, just underneath the “Most Recent Affiliate Marketing Posts” box. The slot gives you a lot of exposure and interaction as it sits right at the intersection of everything happening on the Affposts Main Page. The banner cannot be bigger than 30K in size. Animation allowed but no Flash.

(You will upload your ad for this slot during the checkout process.)

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